Breaking new markets

At Derwent Nutrition, we are working to expand in new markets by creating business with distributors, importers and clients all over the world. We strive for continuous growth, selling our animal nutrition products and snacks both domestically and internationally.

Derwent Group is responsible for the sale in new markets of animal nutrition products for pets and aquaculture from Dibaq Petcare and Dibaq Aquaculture, which both belong to Grupo Tejedor Lázaro. These companies have manufactured animal feeds for more than 30 years and are present across every market segment: from affordable lines to premium foods and super premium, 100% natural foods. The products are the result of manufacturing with continuous improvements in R&D and innovation and controlled production in which quality is the maxim.

If you are a distributor, importer or client looking for a manufacturer of feeds for pets and/or aquaculture with the endorsement of a great brand like Dibaq, Derwent Group would love to hear your proposal.

Pet nutrition

We are specialised in pet nutrition, health and wellness, producing food for dogs and cats in particular. We offer foods cooked the traditional way and prepared with natural products and choice, top-quality raw materials. We work with a wide range of products to meet all the needs of pets at every stage of their lives, offering different foods for the breed, size, metabolism or tastes of each animal. The result is an extensive menu of dry and moist foods.

Among the foods that we produce for dogs and cats, we also offer:

  • Nutraceutical foods
  • Hypoallergenic foods
  • Digestive care foods
  • Specific foods for lactation periods
  • Special foods for sterilised cats
  • Dental care
  • Holistic foods
  • Nutritional supplements
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Feed for aquaculture

The aquaculture market is expanding and constantly growing, and high-quality raw materials are needed to achieve a level of excellence. At Derwent Nutrition, we offer a wide range of fish feeds for both saltwater and freshwater species. In addition, we offer a specialized service through Dibaq Naturalmente Mejor (‘Dibaq Naturally Better’), based on the life cycle and feeding needs of each species.

We produce feed for numerous fish species, such as:

  • Gilt-head bream
  • European sea bass
  • Rainbow trout
  • Sole
  • Salmon
  • Eel
  • Tilapia
  • Shrimp
  • Croaker
  • Turbot
  • Sturgeon
  • Carp
  • Pompano
  • Catfish
  • Tropical fish

Also, we bet on continuous research and development with the intention of producing food for new species such as the red-banded sea bream. All our production for aquaculture is endorsed by top professionals and by international certificates, and in particular the Global G.A.P 2017 certificate, the main hallmark of quality in aquaculture.

Countries in which we are present

Currently, Derwent Grup spearheads the international presence of Grupo Tejedor Lázaro in: Spain, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Argentina, Algeria, Armenia, Angola, Australia, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, China, Cyprus, Korea, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Ghana, Greece, Georgia, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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