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At Derwent Group, we are a family company made up of second and third-generation members of the same family. We work together every day to deliver the best products and services to our clients while never forgetting our pillars: roots, family, hard work, a positive atmosphere and sustainability.

Thanks to them, we offer our customers a wide network of services and a Team of professionals to help them achieve their goals.

We specialise in engineering projects for aquaculture and animal feed factories. With the latest technology and through the design and execution of projects, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in the sector of animal nutrition, health and wellness engineering in Spain and around the world.

Our experience in raw materials for animal feed also allows us to offer our clients, through our trading service, the highest-quality resources from different countries around the world. Our career and knowledge make us leaders in this field.

At Derwent Group, we also manufacture food and treats for pets and aquaculture fish, offering our clients a 360-degree service.

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Engineering Projects

At Derwent Group, we are professionals who handle engineering projects for the aquaculture sector and animal feed factories. We can guide and advise you on the planning, launch and operation of your projects, putting the focus on your needs and offering personalised, tailor-made development. We offer the best products in the market, the most advanced technology, and a great team of professionals.

Our Presence

Derwent Group’s headquarters are located in Northern Spain (Santander). We are present across four continents and more than 65 countries around the world.


We offer the best raw materials for animal nutrition. The team at Derwent Group handles all export and import operations to bring you exclusive, top-quality raw materials throughout the year.

  • Animal and plant proteins
  • Correctors
  • Vitamins
  • Additives
  • Other raw materials
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Animal Nutrition, Health and Wellness. Our Products

At Derwent Group, which belongs to Grupo Tejedor Lázaro along with Dibaq Group, we are leaders in the animal nutrition, health and wellness sector. Applying our experience in Spain and around the world, we participate in every step of the process, from manufacturing food for pets and aquaculture fish to marketing these products internationally and offering 360-degree services.

Our recipes are developed under the guidance of expert dieticians and always with respect for the environment. Using sustainable, top-quality raw materials, the most innovative technologies and the safest processes, our goal is to make animals happy.

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Stay informed of the latest news about Derwent Group and our sector in Spain and around the globe.

11 - December 2021

Aquaculture in Spain

By Álvaro Valle Today we would like to talk to you about the aquaculture sector in Spain. Our country has a long fishing tradition and highly significant culture of fish product consumption. We also have a mountainous terrain and diversity of climates providing a wide range of water resources, which has meant that Spaniards are […]

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11 - December 2021

The future? Let´s say present now for aquaculture feed

What are the latest trends in aquaculture feed? Our Team answers this question.

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10 - December 2021

We participated in the event “10 Keys to Export”

The Segovian Business Federation (FES) invited us to participate in this webinar, aimed at companies that have started or plan to start their internationalisation project. Our colleague, José Luis Tejedor, was able to present our company’s story and help the local business community.

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29 - November 2021

We continue to expand our presence in the international market

We are proud to share some very good news with you: we are gradually expanding our international presence. In the last few months, we have started to operate in new countries such as Senegal and Iran (offering our aquaculture fish feed there) and Estonia (where we are marketing our Dibaq brand products for pets). Finally, in recent weeks we have […]

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