Animal Feed Factories

At Derwent Group, we are specialised in animal nutrition engineering projects, offering our clients the most advanced technology. Oriented towards the animal feed manufacturing sector, we offer the following services:

  • Development of turnkey projects for animal feed factories, especially for pets, aquaculture fish and many kinds of livestock.
  • Services including management, handling, provision of technology and consulting, as well as spare parts and additional machinery.

Our years of experience in animal nutrition, health and wellness make us knowledgeable and prepared with a broad vision. Drawing from our experience and knowledge, we offer our guidance and know-how to investors who wish to launch their industrial projects.

We are aware of the global importance of aquaculture and animal nutrition, and our objective is to work consistently to achieve the quality our clients demand in a sustainable way.

How We Work

We carry out new projects and upgrades, supervising and taking charge of responsibilities on demand. We work with each client on an individual basis, starting from scratch and with a plan created especially for each need.

Starting with an initial strategy, we plan the organisation of resources and the budget allocation and study the return on investment. We always strive to help our clients save time and money as effectively as possible, ensuring maximum competitiveness.

We share our know-how acquired after many years of work in the world of animal nutrition to develop the best solution for each type of product and the manufacturing requirements.

Animal Nutrition

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of pet food and fish and livestock feed, and we have developed our own technology that is easy to implement anywhere in the world.

We offer our clients turnkey projects for the engineering, execution and construction of factories prepared to meet the feeding needs of different species of animals.

As pioneers in extrusion technology on the global scale, the nutrition of pets and aquaculture fish has been part of our DNA for many years, and we can offer innovative and highly competitive solutions. Similarly, we can extrapolate this knowledge to any domestic or livestock animal species.

In addition, we provide our technology and consulting services to existing projects in order to improve and adjust quality to the standards of each country, location or client. All of this is done without overlooking environmental sustainability and the need to work towards the happiness and well-being of animals.


In recent years, we have collaborated on engineering projects for animal feed factories all over the world. Some examples include:

  • 2002: Aquaculture feed factory in Spain, 120,000 TN/year, with two extrusion lines.
  • 2005: Pet food and horse feed factory in Czech Republic, 40,000 TN/year, with five extrusion lines.
  • 2009: Pet food factory in Spain, 20,000 TN/year, with one extrusion line.
  • 2014: Pet food factory in Algeria, 40,000 TN/year.
  • 2014: Pet food factory in Jordan, 20,000 TN/year, with one extrusion line.
  • 2014: Engineering and design of feed factory in Saudi Arabia, 50,000 TN/year.
  • Consulting services for the construction of various feed factories in Europe.

International Presence

  • Spain
  • Lebanon
  • Angola
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Georgia
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Portugal
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea
  • Russia
  • France
  • Morocco
  • Senegal
  • Turkey
  • Sudan