About us

Derwent Group belongs to Grupo Tejedor Lázaro, a leading group with 65 years of experience in the field of animal nutrition, health and wellness in the pet and aquaculture sectors.

At Derwent Group, we offer a broad network of services and a team of professionals to help you achieve your goals.

We are specialised in engineering projects for aquaculture and animal feed factories, with proven experience thanks to projects carried out for our clients in more than 20 countries all over the world.

With the latest technology and through the design and execution of turnkey projects, we accompany you from the design phase to the launch of your factory, and even, thanks to our experience, in the operation of it.

Moreover, we have great experience in raw materials for animal nutrition, which allows us to offer the best resources through our trading service. Optimal logistics and our extensive international sales network enable us to offer the highest quality animal proteins, vegetable proteins and additives. And all this with the backing of two certifications with great international prestige: IFS and Global G.A.P.

Finally, we are working to break into new markets, selling the animal nutrition products for pets and aquaculture manufactured by Dibaq Petcare  and Dibaq Aquaculture in more than 50 countries. We improve each day in collaboration with new experts, distributors and sales representatives in order to bring our products and services closer to you.

Confronting challenges

One of the main challenges for companies is adapting to the changing market environment, which is increasingly complex. Derwent Group takes up the baton for companies in certain sectors to give them a competitive edge. An improved level of services, cost optimisation and the continuous quest for quality and excellence.

Our strengths

At Derwent Group, we define ourselves as a company committed to the services we provide, our team and our environment.


For Derwent Group, every business adventure is different. We have profound respect for high-quality work, and every project or business in which we participate is a new source of excitement for us. Thus, we contribute our technology and know-how to your project, offering you personalised attention, 360-degree service and ad-hoc products.

Transparency and honesty

Among our strengths as a company is our transparency towards our team and our clients. We pledge to do our very best and to provide effective, professional and honest service, emphasising trust and clarity in all that we do.

Respect and integrity

We believe it is possible to do things differently, and this is reflected in our work. Our mission is to meet our objectives by holding ourselves to very high standards.


We are constantly growing to offer the best service and to remain at the forefront of the latest developments in the animal and aquaculture feed markets. We are passionate about the worlds of pet care and aquaculture and committed to innovation and continuous research.


We use top-quality raw materials, taking care of nature and fighting every day to protect the environment that surrounds us. Our love for animals and their environment inspires every step we take, fighting for their conservation and well-being.


We work with and for people, with the awareness that human capital is our main advantage.


We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, seeking opportunities to improve and prosper every day. We like to create ties with our environment, and we listen to our clients and our community to achieve sustainable development and constant evolution. Humility makes us strong!


We work in environments that foster humour and a good atmosphere. As a result, we aim to encourage a spirit of teamwork and cohesiveness between people, overcoming any obstacle to achieve the best results for our clients and community.