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10 - June 2020

Dibaq Sense Snax Bar, the juiciest and healthiest snack from Derwent Nutrition

We would like to present the Dibaq Sense Snax Bar, the healthiest, most delicious treat in the Dibaq Sense range. Your pets will want to behave just to get one! Cooked with fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, natural antioxidants and ingredients that protect their joints.

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01 - June 2020

Introducing our stars

At Derwent Group we work every day to improve the well-being and happiness of your pets. And we have started working with four of them as the protagonists of all our campaigns.

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22 - May 2020

We have received the efr certificate

We are pleased to inform you that all the reports have been favourable and for this reason the Fundación Másfamilia has awarded the efr© certificate to both Dibaq Group and Derwent Group.

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28 - April 2020

We continue to grow in the international market

Today we want to share some good news with you: in the last few months we have expanded our market, landing in Norway and Bahrain. Find out more here.

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27 - April 2020

Coronavirus and pets: what should I do?

Many families that share their lives with pets have a lot of questions about how to care for their furry friends at this time. Some tips here.

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22 - April 2020

Animal and plant proteins: what they are, how they differ and what benefits they have

What are proteins? Where do they come from? What are the benefits of animal proteins? And plant ones? We tell you all the details on our website. 

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20 - April 2020

Animal feed extrusion: what machinery is needed?

What machinery is needed in order to produce animal feed? We want to show you the machinery used during the extrusion process.

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09 - April 2020


Together, we are facing an unprecedented situation, the global Covid-19 pandemic. But we are contacting you to tell you once again that we must continue fighting.

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