We continue to collaborate with ASPORAN


Our collaboration with ASPROAN, an animal protection association based in Santander, continues. We want to provide the most defenceless animals with the best nutrition, looking after their health and wellness until they can be rehomed. Besides continuing to donate bags of food, we just presented a new sweatshirt and T-shirts that are on sale now. The proceeds will help to pay for the dogs’ care in their new homes! Come on and lend us a hand!

Además de seguir ofreciendo sacos de comida, acabamos de presentar una nueva sudadera y camisetas que están a la venta. ¡Los fondos recaudados servirán para el cuidado de los perros en su nuevo hogar! Anímate y ayuda. 

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26 - June 2020

For yet another year we have passed the IFS audit

We are proud to inform you that our facilities in Fuentepelayo (Segovia) have once again successfully passed the annual IFS audit for pet food production.

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10 vegetable proteins for pets

For dog and cat owners, choosing the right food for their pets is essential when it comes to taking care of their health and well-being. And many often wonder which proteins are best for their little ones. On our website, we tell you about the top 10 vegetable proteins for your pets.

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Dibaq appears in the Indian Kennel Gazette

The Indian Kennel Gazette presents two of the most popular Dibaq food ranges on the market: Dibaq Sense and Dibaq Naturalmente Mejor.

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10 - June 2020

Dibaq Sense Snax Bar, the juiciest and healthiest snack from Derwent Nutrition

We would like to present the Dibaq Sense Snax Bar, the healthiest, most delicious treat in the Dibaq Sense range. Your pets will want to behave just to get one! Cooked with fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, natural antioxidants and ingredients that protect their joints.

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