We participate in two dog shows in Vizcaya

In September, Muskiz (Vizcaya) hosted two important dog competitions. On the 7th and 8th, the Sociedad Canina de Bizkaia (Bizkaia Kennel Club) celebrated the 55th National Dog Show and the 54th International Dog Show, major events in the sector in which around 1,400 dogs participated.

Our team was there to sponsor both events and to present Dibaq, our specialised animal nutrition brand for dogs and cats. It was a great experience to support the participating animals, enjoy all the competitions along with the fans, and get an up-close look at dogs of various breeds from the United States, Germany, Italy, Portugal and England.

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19 - February 2020

Dibaq appears in Dogs & More magazine

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18 - February 2020

We sponsor the 3rd Congress on Values

The 3rd Congress on Values, an initiative organised by Asociación Buscando Sonrisas, was held on February 13 in Santander with sports as its main theme. And once again, we supported this event as its sponsors!

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Aquaculture fish are free of anisakis

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