We strengthen our presence in India

We have good news to share. The pet care market is growing in India, where our products are gaining ground.

For starters, our Derwent Nutrition Team just presented our Dibaq Natural Moments product line in the country. This range consists of real, whole and balanced foods made of top-quality natural ingredients, carefully selected to guarantee nutritional excellence and an irresistible flavour. You can see some of the ads that we have shown in India HERE!

That’s not all: The Indian Kennel Gazette, one of the country’s most popular magazines, featured Dibaq Sense, another of our dog food ranges that is a market leader. We would like to thank this publication for its support and for bringing visibility to our work. Also, thanks a million to our Team for your hard work and passion!

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08 - May 2021

We participate in the Pet Expo trade fair in Malaysia

In May, our Derwent Nutrition team, along with Dibaq Petcare, will participate in the Pet Expo trade fair in Malaysia.

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05 - May 2021

Our president forms part of the Business Round Table on Next Generation EU Funds

Carlos Tejedor Lázaro has been invited by the Minister of Economy and Finance of Castile and León to form part of the Business Round Table related with Next Generation EU Funds.

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04 - May 2021

We help the most vulnerable animals

We collaborate with associations, protectors and institutions throughout Spain which work to give vulnerable dogs and cats a better life.

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03 - May 2021

We sponsor new Agility events

In addition to good food, sport and physical activity are essential aspects for the health and happiness of our pets. To promote an active lifestyle, our Derwent Nutrition team once again wanted to sponsor Agility competitions held in Elechas in March and April. Here’s to healthy and happy pets!

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